New Movers

your church's lowest hanging fruit

Other than those who recently attended your church, the people who are most likely to visit and join your church are those who have just moved into your strategic mission field from outside of the community.

While postcard programs can be a good way to get their attention, the most effective way to connect with these people is for your members who live in the same neighborhoods to pray for, personally meet them and invite them to church.

The Mapping Center for Evangelism's new mover program identifies new movers whose old address is more than 15 miles from their new home. It not only provides their names and addresses but plots them on the map so you can see your member households who live in close proximity.

Certainly you can send postcards, but personal notes are even more effective. Better yet, this is one of the most non-threatening ways to mobilize your members to pray for and reach out to their new neighbors, discover their needs and say something like, "If you are looking for a great church, we just love hours and would be delighted if you would come visit."

The Mapping Center will help you discover the "sweet-spot" of your mission field, which is a combination of travel time from your church and how your member/visitor homes are clustered within neighborhoods.

Another key to success is freshness. The Mapping Center can post the new movers to your mission field map every week. This also helps you send visitation requests in small numbers at a time to your church's ambassadors.

Please contact the Mapping Center for more information and to get started.


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